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After a few weeks offline, we are now back with a vengeance! We hope our new website allows you to shop online, see what we have in store and check out whats new!

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EcoSwap CIC was founded in 2019 by Gemma.She felt that something needed to be done about the lack of community pride and spirit. EcoSwap aims to encourage people to care about their environment and the others who live alongside them. Two weeks before the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2021, EcoSwap opened their first store in Bognor Regis. Providing a range of sustainable, eco-friendly and hand made items including a refillery for cleaning supplies, toiletries and foods encourages the local residents to reduce their plastic waste and carbon footprints, it also allows them to save money as they only need to buy as much as they need. To further assist the community and bring people together, the community pantry was set up. Unlike the traditional foodbanks, people didn’t need referrals, or to even give their names. The community pantry is free for the whole community to access.
In early 2022 Rebecca, a director of Ecoswap since the shop opened took the reins to keep ecoswap moving forward and making a positive impact on the local commuinty.
Other community projects have included home education workshops, arts & crafts workshops and knit & knatter sessions.

EcoSwap CIC Bognor High Street


Ecoswap CIC, Bognor Regis, UK